Logos Smaller  landfills are designed to protect the environment and public health through the installation of HDPE and geo-synthetic liner containment systems that protect ground water and minimize leach ate. All landfills are designed with internationally recognized environmental standards, and include the introduction of proper management controls.

Environmental Systems Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Through its international partnerships, Logos Smaller delivers EPC contracts for several projects in MENA, East Asia.  Logos Smaller’s international partners’ provisions include:

  • Supply and install of Geosynthetic products (HDPE, VLDPE, Geotextile, Geonets, Geo Grid, Geo-cell, GCL, Geo Terra and Geo Web) for civil and hydraulic works applications. (Global experience in the design, supply, and installation of over 15 million square meters of HDPE liners and similar products).

  • Water and waste water treatment equipment, Design & Systems.

  • Designs and supply portable sewage waste treatment unit (PU).

  • Design, build, and manufacture equipment for the Aggregate, Concrete, Recycle, re-claimers, clarifiers, and Asphalt industries.

  • Manufacturing, marketing, sale, and leasing of proprietary medical waste disinfection/sterilization units and operation of a contract medical waste treatment facilities.

  • Solar systems (PV).

  • Geothermal Plant ( Exploring, Design, Construction).

  • Waste – to – Energy ( Diesel, Bio-Gas, Electricity).